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Our Story

The Joy of Lobster

In today’s fast-paced world of online ordering and easy food deliveries, we want to do things differently. While we focus on fast service, we hope that our rolls give our guests a moment of calm enjoyment before diving back into thier busy lives.  Three Kids Lobster is all about bringing the best lobster roll Omaha has ever seen, at an approachable price point.  

Why Lobster rolls in Omaha??

Thats an easy one.  Chef Jon has always said that lobster is his all-time favorite food, and that passion combined with the incredible memories associated with lobster rolls made this a no brainer next step for the Taylor family.  

Jon, Anna and Christopher grew up visiting family in both Cape Cod and Bar Harbor, Maine - both hotspots for incredible lobster rolls.  Thinking back on that time, Chef Jon (being a chef) remembers eating lobsters, steamed clams, and lobster rolls every summer. 

Memories of exploring the beaches, tidal pools and caves come right after the food for him.  Some of his best memories are tied to this incredible food.  Memories of bonding with siblings, curiosity and growing horizons, and just loving the summer. 

The passion, excitement and summer vibes are central to this family and company and are embodied by this classic lobster roll.  This is why our logo is the picture of Jon and his siblings exploring the beach in Maine.  And even though the three kids are all grown up with families of thier own, that excitement and curiosity still exists and inspires.  

Jon worked on his lobster roll recipe again and again over the years, finding in the end that the simpler the recipe, the better the roll.  So, the recipe that we use is very straightforward, making sure to keep the spotlight on the lobster itself.  We make our lobster rolls with just enough mayo to bind the lobster together, brown butter, and an incredible roll.  

That last part is incredibly important.  The bread has to be just right to make the lobster roll everything that it can be.  It bread needs to be soft with a subtle flavor.  It shouldn't detract from the succulent lobster on the inside, just add subtly to the experience.  It needs to have straight sides to achieve the right toast (crunch and depth of flavor without distraction), and of course it had to be a top split bun.  

What is the end result of this simple recipe?  A bun that brings that perfect crunch on the outside, a little lemony acidity from the mayo, nuttiness from the brown butter, but most importantly the decadent richness with slight sweetness that the lobster brings.  Find us and get your own soon!!

Who are we?

Jon:  President, Chef, Son

Jon is a classically trained culinarian who has a diverse background in the foodservice industry.  He has run kitchens for beer bars, corporate dining, and restaurants as well as having fine dining and hotel experience.  He’ has worked with world renowned chefs in Napa, CA and Aspen, CO. He is also Chef and owner of The Modern Waffle.  

Jon grew up in Cleveland, OH and Littleton, CO, visiting Cape Cod and Bar Harbor, Maine with the family every summer.  He has LOVED lobster his entire life.  Lobster rolls are such a great call back to childhood, the whole family gathering around the table, and that great summer beachy vibe.  

Jon moved to Omaha, NE in 2017 and has loved it here ever since.  He has a wonderful wife (Brittany) and a beautiful daughter Lily.  

Bonnie:  Vice President, Muse, Mom

Bonnie is an ordained pastor who retired spring 2021. Having just moved here from Pittsburgh last fall, she is excited about engaging in this new adventure. She is a passionate home cook and LOVES food! 

She has also been a managing member of the Modern Waffle team, making sure that everything goes off without a hitch, creating and executing recipes (Chili anyone?), and working the truck bringing delicious food to the people of the greater Omaha area since October 2021.  

Bonnie lives with husband and co owner Chris in Omaha. She also has three kids (Jon, Anna and Christopher, the namesake for our company), and has inspired each of those children to value and respect good food and the labor it requires.  She is a true inspiration to her children in many ways.  

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